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Live Long and Migrate

Live Long and Migrate

Bridge Partners
Published by: Research Desk Released: Jan 06, 2022

Learn how Next-Generation Firewalls from Palo Alto Networks secure your migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The promise of increased agility, improved cost savings, and the ability to scale has propelled companies worldwide to the cloud. Today, an estimated 88 percent of businesses use cloud services in some form1 . Many of these companies have migrated to AWS for cloud infrastructure to free up resources and lower IT costs.
Despite these ever-evolving challenges, there are plenty of organizations that have implemented successful security solutions from Palo Alto Networks to protect their environments as they migrate to AWS. Specifically, Palo Alto Networks VM-Series and CN-Series Next Generation Firewalls have delivered inline network security and threat prevention to consistently secure AWS workloads, Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPC), and branch locations.

While each migration to AWS is unique—with its own set of business reasons for prompting a cloud journey—VM-Series continues to be a common thread. In the following pages, you’ll find migration stories of customers who have successfully moved to AWS and secured their cloud workloads with VM-Series and CN-Series.