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GitOps with Argo CD

GitOps with Argo CD

Published by: Research Desk Released: Sep 23, 2022

Software teams that adopt GitOps deploy more often, have fewer regressions and recover from failures more quickly.
The debate around the benefits of GitOps is settled by those who have adopted it. We’ve seen these successes time
and again with Codefresh users, whether they’re deploying at cloud scale, in small shops, or in edge clusters located around the world. GitOps works.

We partnered with Argo CD maintainers to bring you this technical deep dive on how to use Argo CD to implement
GitOps at scale and manage distributed clusters from a single control plane.

Read the eBook to learn:

How Kubernetes architecture makes GitOps a natural fit How to implement a basic GitOps Kubernetes deployment operator How Argo CD provides enterprise features like single sign on, access control, and declarative management How to get started with CI/CD today.