• Cisco can give insights into both the application and the network that supports it by combining AppDynamics and ThousandEyes.
  • Cisco claims that teams’ ability to obtain a comprehensive picture of the state of their application and users’ experiences will also help businesses make better decisions and achieve better business results.

Cisco Systems Inc. has introduced a new service called Customer Digital Experience Monitoring to improve its observability capabilities.

The new service, which was recently announced, consists of a bidirectional integration of Cisco AppDynamics, an application monitoring tool, and ThousandEyes, a network intelligence service based on OpenTelemetry. According to the company, because it is bidirectional, data can be exchanged between those platforms instantly and simultaneously.

The new service is focused entirely on improving user interfaces for online programs. The company said teams could address problems with their apps before they impact end users if they use Cisco’s tools to identify anomalies.

AppDynamics and ThousandEyes, according to Cisco, can provide information about both the application and the network that supports it. It will provide network operators with real-time application dependency mapping capabilities as well as internet connectivity metrics for application operations teams. Cisco claimed that this gives both teams the best of both worlds. Additionally, it will enable those teams to work together more successfully when cooperation is needed to solve issues, significantly lowering the mean time to resolution and producing recommendations that can be put into practice.

According to Cisco, companies will be able to make better decisions and achieve better business results thanks to teams’ ability to obtain a complete picture of the state of their application and users’ experiences.

Liz Centoni, Cisco’s executive vice president, Chief Strategy Officer, and general manager of Applications, said, “As digital experiences get simpler for consumers, they become more complex for companies to deliver. Customer Digital Experience Monitoring seamlessly brings together our industry-leading application observability and our unparalleled network intelligence so that customers can uncover all the application and network dependencies not visible before.”

According to Cisco, customers can increase their observability capabilities by integrating Real User Monitoring from Smartlook s.r.o. with Customer Digital Experience Monitoring. Cisco announced last month its intention to acquire Smartlook, a company that provides tools for analyzing and contextualizing the digital behavior of end users, later this year.