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Field Effect Covalence

Field Effect Covalence

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jun 13, 2023

Hybrid MDR – Driving Greater Business Value and amp; Outcomes: Feature lists of various MDR offerings can make it seem like they are all providing the same coverage, but the key variable is which portion of the threat surface is the MDR service targeting? In contrast to an “MDR” being simply managed EDR (endpoint detection and response), Covalence takes a hybrid MDR approach. In a single solution, customers get protection across endpoints, network, and cloud workloads; and, because they were designed to work together holistically, customers get more accurate results without alert overload, and better protection overall. This hybrid approach is ideal for the underserved SME market, as it consolidates multiple solutions into one, offering the best protection at a reasonable price point. Perhaps the most valuable outcome of this holistic, hybrid MDR approach within Covalence is the single dashboard which delivers straightforward, easy-to-consume information designed for the SME and/or MSP.