Dell Technologies has announced a new product in an urge to provide open-source networking solutions that will assist enterprises in regenerating and clarifying operations and working of the data centers at scale.

This release builds on Microsoft’s research as part of the open-source project Open Networking Software in the Cloud (SONiC).

Tom Burns, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Integrated Products and amp; Solutions at Dell Technologies, said, “Our customers tell us that, while a hybrid cloud approach is critical to their success, they struggle to maintain and scale their networks, and manage them to effectively avoid multiple points of failure.”

He stated, “By breaking switch software into multiple, containerized components, we are providing enterprises the means to drastically simplify the management of massive and complex networks and increase availability in a cloud model.”

Combining SONiC with the DNA of the Dell EMC PowerSwitch Open Networking hardware, Dell’s Enterprise SONiC Distribution has created an agile and flexible network built on open standards.

“SONiC is a leading open-source network switch OS, empowering customers with modern and efficient cloud networking software. We’re pleased to see Dell bringing enterprise support to their customers,” said Yousef Khalidi, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure Networking, Microsoft Corp.

With the added commercial-grade support for Dell’s Enterprise SONiC Distribution, cloud providers and large enterprises are offering advanced production-tested tools, services, and support.

Providing customer support for full-stack solutions with enterprise capabilities and advanced functionality is also its major goal.

“Dell Technologies has introduced a commercially-supported version of SONiC, offering tight integration to other Dell solutions and a clear roadmap designed, to not only support the hyperscalers of the world but also larger enterprises,” said Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst and Practice Director, ESG.

“As Dell continues to help customers with its open networking portfolio, its SONiC solution provides those organizations that have lacked the resources to adopt open source solutions the ability to take advantage of flexible, open-source architectures,” he added.