• The new collaboration between AT and amp;T and Microsoft will open the doors for enterprises to deploy private networks across the United States.
  • The combination of 5G and edge computing will be evident in the coming future and will transform the way businesses function.

Last week, telecommunications provider AT and amp;T Business announced its collaboration with Microsoft to integrate the AT and amp;T 5G Network with Azure private MEC. This step will help enterprises deploy private networks across the US rapidly.

With the partnership, the two organizations aim to work on AT and amp;T Private Edge to enable users to roam outside the organization’s private network while being in connection via AT and amp;T’s US-based public mobile network.

For enterprises and technical decision-makers, AT and amp;T and Microsoft’s solution will provide employees the ability to step out of the private network while ensuring the least latency in edge applications.

“Secure private 5G networks enable organizations to deliver latency-sensitive applications. Together with Microsoft, AT and amp;T is streamlining the integration of the multiple elements private wireless solutions require, simplifying the application creation environment, and accelerating the speed of deployment,” said Tad Brockway, corporate Vice President, Azure for Operators at Microsoft.

5G Edge Compute Ecosystem Revolution

The news came close on the heels of Verizon making it public that it would be working with Google Cloud to give enterprises computing and storage services at the network’s edge to support real-time enterprise applications, including factory automation, intelligent logistics, and mobile robots.

AT and amp;T has a record of making real-time applications across car dealerships, manufacturing, and medical clinics. For instance, the company aims to develop its solution to create AI tools and cameras that can assist with tasks such as robotic assembly and event detection and notify the emergency services if an employee is injured or there’s a fire in the environment.

The new service gets along with Microsoft’s Azure Edge Zones solution and provides organizations with a foundation to build and deploy 5G apps and services while enabling connectivity in and outside the perimeter network.

“The combination of 5G and edge compute can utterly transform how businesses are run, no matter the size, and we’re proactively engaging with those businesses to identify the right compelling opportunities. Our collaboration with Microsoft is exciting because it combines technology with an adaptable business model and brings innovation to life — for any customer,” said Rupesh Chokshi, Vice President of Product Strategy and Innovation at AT and amp;T business in the official announcement.

Edge computing combines with 5G

The global market for edge computing is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 38% from 2021 to 2026, following the COVID-19 pandemic and explosion in enterprises experimenting with technologies to allow remote operations.

In the realm of 5G development, AT and amp;T Business’ main competitor is Verizon, which has not only partnered with Google Cloud but is also developing a suite of solutions for innovative city applications, including GridWide Intelligent Lighting and Intelligent Video. It has also successfully raised operating revenue of USD 34 billion in 2021.

Despite being the leading player in 5G, AT and amp;T Business is still building relationships with other telecom providers to stand out among other key players in 5G technologies. It recently announced that it has partnered with Google Cloud to build 5G and edge computing solutions. Last year, the company announced that it had partnered with JBG Smith, a US-based property dealer, to create a 5G smart city in a 6.8 million-square-foot development in Arlington, Virginia.

With a strong presence in both 5G and edge computing by generating revenue of USD 41 billion in 2021, AT and amp;T Business is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities presented by these technologies.