AT and amp;T continues to roll out its low-band 5G networks, with the addition of 6 new cities that add some of the most significant urban areas of the US to AT and amp;T’s immensely growing network: New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Detroit, and Philadelphia.

American 5G is in a poor state right now, but AT and amp;T is trying to rectify the situation. The roll out of the new low-band 850 MHz spectrum means that it will not offer the fastest 5G speeds possible but more than enough for you to stream “The Office” in peace.

With the new expansion, AT and amp;T is spread across 19 cities in the US with its faster mmWave network live in 25. Thus far, the carrier only sells 1 phone that can take advantage of the 5G, i.e., the new Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G. But now that 5G is being introduced to these new metropolitan cities, we can soon expect more mobiles to feature this offering.

The new 5G can be accessed with no extra charge with AT and amp;T’s Unlimited Network Extra and Unlimited Elite plans.