• AirHop Communications teams up with ONF to collaborate on a 5G n-RT-RIC RAN intelligent controller.
  • AirHop will now be part of the Software Defined Radio Access Network (SD-RAN) project community.

ONF – the accelerating momentum!

AirHop Communications is a top network intelligence software company that recently announced becoming a part of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). ONF is a non-profit, operator-led consortium that encourages the transformation of access and edge network infrastructure and business models that utilize software-defined standards, network disaggregation, and open-source software.

Being a supplier of 4G and 5G network intelligence software solutions and platforms and a new member of ONF, AirHop will now be part of the Software Defined Radio Access Network (SD-RAN) project community. This project community is composed of operators and technology firms that concentrate more on developing open-source components for the open RAN space in compliance with the O-RAN architecture and specifications.

Managing the RAN

A significant facet of SD-RAN is expanding an open-source near-real-time RAN intelligent controller (n-RT-RIC), together with a set of exemplar xApps for managing the RAN.

AirHop products concentrate more on delivering features and platforms that could dynamically coordinate distributed network data in near real-time and make synchronized decisions to enhance the overall network’s performance.

AirHop – what it delivers?

AirHop solutions offer RAN intelligence utilizing real-time management for performance optimization of 4G and 5G networks. Thus, delivering O-RAN quality automation and optimization to operators on legacy networks. Also, it enhances the end-user experience.

The new member of ONF is known to deliver a fully cloud-native, automated, intelligent network optimization layered with eSON offering near real-time coordinated RAN optimization and eSON360 offering ML-based network optimization.

AirHop solutions for enhanced wireless networks comprise:

  • eSON Intelligent HetNet Solution
  • eSONify Partner Program

Expert thoughts

Timon Sloane, VP Marketing and Ecosystem at Open Networking Foundation (ONF), commented: “Open RAN is all about creating the ability to build multivendor solutions in the RAN space, and the SD-RAN community is committed to leveraging the open source µONOS-RIC platform as a unifying element to help build solutions combining RU/CU/DU elements with xApps from a mix of vendors.”

He further added, “It is positive to see AirHop embracing this approach and their commitment to build xApps that are compatible with this vision in collaboration with the broader SD-RAN community of operators and vendors.”

Being a company representative, Joe Thome, Vice President Business Development at AirHop Communications, commented: “ONF is recognized as the leader of open-source software solutions in SDN, NFV, and cloud technologies for telecom operators.” Thome further added, “We share a common goal with the ONF community to bring O-RAN-based, open-source n-RT-RIC solutions with mission-critical, high-value and commercial-grade xApps to operators as quickly as possible.”