Presenting your new software-defined approach

Present technologies demand a network that continuously learns and always protects and adapts so that one can work faster, more securely, and more efficiently. One needs a system informed by context and powered by intent.

Finally, there is a way to manage consumer’s growing networks within budget and profitability.

In today’s digital era, we are going to talk about DNA analysis software called Cisco DNA. Let’s head toward it…

Enter Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)

Now you can give your consumers internet-of-things (IoT) networks a Cisco DNA advantage. This networking system is a software-defined (SD) approach for an intent-based network (IBN), which is available as a subscription model, boosting consumers’ confidence to remain up-to-date with the latest functionality and features at no extra cost.

One more plus point here is that Cisco DNA consumer’s software is not linked to their hardware. Thus, it makes it easier to adapt to evolving business needs with fewer hassles.

In short, we can say that it is an open, programmable architecture that turns enterprise intent into results. Thus, this software-powered architecture simplifies and boosts enterprise network operations.

The DNA automation is developed on rich contextual analytics, Software-Defined Network (SDN), limitless scalability of the cloud, and network visualization. This digital network architecture analytics and assurance supports businesses to get the most out of their network. It monitors the business network, collecting and processing data from your users, devices, and applications. The collected data is showcased in Cisco DNA Center, an easy to use a dashboard to manage all business tasks.

Cisco DNA provides three major software suites that are as follows:

  • Cisco DNA for Wireless
  • Cisco DNA for Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and Routing
  • Cisco DNA for Switching

One could personalize the level of security, troubleshooting capabilities, and extent of automation of suite by selecting from three different Cisco DNA software capabilities that are as follows:

  • Cisco DNA Premier – it provides policy-based automation with improved security, SD-Access, and Cisco DNA Assurance.
  • Cisco DNA Essentials – provides base automation, management, and monitoring.
  • Cisco DNA Advantage – provides policy-based automation with Cisco DNA Assurance, SD-Access, and monitoring.

A question arises, which is suitable for your organization- DNA Essentials, Premier, or Advantage?

As you are unsure of which subscription is suitable for you, the answer lies in the number of IoT devices your team needs to manage.

DNA Automation

Allows automating several network tasks to simplify enterprise network management and achieve intent-based networking potential. Some automation capabilities comprise the easy quality of service automation, image management and software upgrades, Enterprise Network Functions Virtualization (ENFV), and zero-touch device provisioning.

DNA Assurance

DNA Assurance allows organizations to put their data to work without a complete network overhaul. Cisco DNA Wireless Assurance offers the organization full network visibility and troubleshooting, insights based on real-time and historical data to resolve problems, make predictions, and save time. The Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is a new dashboard in the Assurance menu of Cisco DNA Center.

DNA software capabilities

The Best Wi-Fi routers and switches shipping today support Cisco DNA.

Cisco has reimagined business network architecture with the following capabilities:

  • Cloud service management
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Visualization
  • Security

Cisco has applied these capabilities to Enterprise Networks solutions and products so one can move forward with developing an agile, open, and extensible network.

Cisco DNA Center (DNAC) allows you to do

DNA center allows businesses to use a single dashboard to automate and manage the network. With the help of the DNA center, IT teams can achieve targets more quickly at a lower cost and enhance security and performance. Moreover, it uses real-time feedback from the network data platform.


  • DNA center can predict issues before they happen: assurance and analytics use network insights to enhance network performance and provide the best user and application experience.
  • Simplify network management and speeds innovation: it manages enterprise networks over a centralized dashboard.
  • Lessen human error: policy-powered automation enhances security and reduces downtime.
  • Deploys networks in minutes, not days: DNA Center (DNAC) makes it easy to design, provision, and apply policy across an enterprise network

DNA Center network automation benefits

  • Abstraction
  • Agility
  • Simplification
  • Reliability

Cisco SD-WAN and DNA

Deep dive into Cisco DNA Software subscriptions for SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) and Routing.

The structure

The subscriptions for SD-WAN and Routing are offered in three tiers by Cisco DNA Software:

  • Cisco DNA Premier
  • Cisco DNA Essentials
  • Cisco DNA Advantage

Support I get with a subscription

  • New software downloads
  • 24/7 TAC support
  • Knowledge base access for the length of the subscription.

Cisco digital-ready infrastructure

The DNA-ready infrastructure offers innovative wired and best Wi-Fi router solutions, combined with a robust digital architecture.

Final words

Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance have the ability to collect data and put insights into action continuously. Further, collected information is actionable via the Assurance functions within Cisco DNA Center. This DNA analysis software detects threats rapidly, quickly remediates the issue, and proactively monitors the enterprise network.

One can roll out novel applications and services more efficiently for the best possible experience with Cisco DNA.

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