• The all-new 5G SA technology by Nokia aims to offer “direct to 5G” with a focus on high-spec industrial use case validation and ecosystem development.

Nokia announced the launch of 5G network technology for operators empowering business systems. The telecom giant announced the global commercial availability of the new and advanced 5G standalone (SA) industrial-grade private wireless networking systems. The company also reveals that the new technology will offer a blueprint to deal with the needs of industrial and manufacturing use cases.

How does the offer look?

With the launch of the promising 5G SA, the telecom giant explained the company’s plan to offer customers a high level of an end-to-end and comprehensive portfolio that aims to offer an impressive 4.9G/LTE and 5G private wireless networking in the marketplace.

Nokia also talked about the deployment of the pilot plan to take place at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

The use of the 3GPP R15 SA architecture supports the model for private 5G in the industry. Technically, the 5G SA private network by Nokia has been engineered and curated to support future industry-related features and enhancements. The list includes,

  • Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC)
  • Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

And multiple other industrial capabilities that are expected to be delivered in advanced 5G 3GPP releases (R16-18).

With the launch of 5G SA, enterprise customers will be able to select and deploy between Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, or customers can further personalize the network as per the requirement with Nokia Modular Private Wireless.

More about 5G SA

During the development phase of 5G SA private wireless technology, the telecom giant carried out in-situ trials with customers and mobile operator partners in the first quarter of 2020 with over 180 private wireless enterprise customers across the globe and out of the over 30 engagements are 5G.

Nokia also claims deployment of the 5G private wireless with names such as Lufthansa Technik, Toyota Production Engineering, and Deutsche Bahn.

Additionally, the launch of the enterprise wireless 5G SA will help Nokia enable OEM and ecosystem partners to pace up the validation of 5G capabilities.

With this step, Nokia believes that the company will have the upper hand in the further development of 5G-capable industrial assets, integration of 5G into future industrial processes and systems, and accelerate application development.

Along with its efforts in enhancing the private wireless network ecosystem, which includes service providers, cloud partners, system integrators, strategic consulting, and industrial specialists, Nokia plans to work with its vertical expertise to deliver 5G across industry-specific use cases.

On Nokia’s bold move, Pablo Tomasi, Principal Analyst, Private Networks at Omdia, said that Nokia’s pace with 5G SA private network offering has the potential to offer the company a pivotal role in driving the growth of the 5G ecosystem for enterprises.

Pablo Tomasi  also stated, “To be successful in industry verticals, such as transport and manufacturing, the cellular ecosystem must provide compelling offerings that address both current pain points and long-term disruptive trends.” He also said, “The private networks market will be built on the trust and results delivered by private LTE. However, enterprises, vendors, and service providers must now start to understand the real potential of 5G and how to incorporate it into their strategies.”