Mist Systems, a Juniper Networks company, announced the first AI-driven intelligent network for enterprises. The self-driving network will be working with Mist’s AI engine and microservices cloud to strategize IT operations. This, in turn, will optimize the network experience for users and improve troubleshooting for wired/wireless domains. This new advancement in technology will help transform the enterprise networks with automation and insights.  

1. Marvis Action, a new framework for self-driving network, converts AI-driven insights into actionable tasks for proactive and streamlined IT operations.

2. Wired Assurance Service provides options for automated operations and improved service levels for the Juniper enterprise access switching customers using the Mist cloud.

Frank Feagans, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, UT Dallas, said that the organization’s IT staff is under constant pressure to handle the introduction of new devices (Mobile and IoT). And this pressure, coupled with increased demand for digital learning initiatives, requires reliable and an all-pervading wired and wireless experience. The company is looking to build its network to help solve the major challenges with Mist Wi-Fi 6 access points, Juniper QFX, and EX switches. The solution offers a unified cloud, an AI engine that delivers a proactive approach for rapid troubleshooting, automated workflows, and deeper insights to enable decision making.

Mist is expanding the new platform with the added cloud subscription service for Wired Assurance. The new feature brings robust data from Junos switch telemetry to the Mist microservices cloud and AI engine for simpler operations. The businesses can then set customized service level expectations to measure the user experience for all IoT endpoints. Mist also gives an option of early detection for enterprises to alert them about the deviation of performance from baseline proactively.