• EnGenius Technologies announces a simple way to meet network requirements for small and medium businesses.
  • Cloud-To-Go mobile app offers non-IT staff an easy way to manage, configure, and monitor networks without complicated settings and processes.

EnGenius recently declared the Cloud-To-Go solution for small and medium-sized businesses, such as SOHO, coffee shops, hospitality, clinics, and stores, to simplify network management on-the-go via a mobile app. This mobile app offers non-IT staff an easy way to manage, configure, and monitor networks without complicated settings and processes. Thus, providing smart management, quick device setup, and visualized monitoring UI all at one place.

The Cloud-To-Go solution is an all-in-one mobile app that helps enterprises to meet all network requirements. The app helps to know your consumers by allowing them to check the OS, MAC, SSID, and other data regarding any consumer part of your network. It keeps you informed all the time by offering real-time notifications and alerts on all managed cloud networks.

About EnGenius Cloud

EnGenius Cloud enables one to organize and produce networks, assign team members, and add access points and switches all in one place.

Benefits offered by EnGenius Technologies

Flexible network development for upcoming business growth

EnGenius Cloud plays a key role in expanding the business network with flexibility. Using a smartphone, one can simply manage networks of various locations and companies with the help of single-pane-of-glass. At the same moment, users can also use a web-based Cloud portal to do enhanced management and settings.

Few clicks for instant configuration

Configuration of devices is an easy procedure and does not require a long time. Following are the easy steps for setting up the device:

  • Registration of device by scanning a QR code.
  • Effortlessly build your SSID Wizard and Wi-Fi.
  • Lastly, get connected just in few seconds.

If a detailed configuration is needed, one can go to enhanced settings.

Manage and monitor the network from the palm of your hand

The Cloud-To-Go app allows one to monitor and manage one’s network wherever you go. With the help of a visualized dashboard, one can get complete details of their own network status. The dashboard shows top-ranking data related to instant notifications, usage, or client lists. Also, it gives data regarding connected applications that are utilizing the most bandwidth.

In a recent comparison, Network World put EnGenius Technologies to the test versus other prominent enterprise solutions includes Meraki, Extreme, and Cisco – to find out whose wireless Wi-Fi 6 access points produced the most excellent throughput pace. However, EnGenius EWS377AP (access point) surfaced as a clear winner with both the fastest maximum throughput and the fastest average throughput numbers.

About EnGenius Technologies

EnGenius Technologies is a business specialist in a high-powered, long-range wireless communication and radio frequency (RF) solution. And the legacy is continued via its wide-range business-class networking and telephony solutions. Being a prominent manufacturer, EnGenius maintains high control standards over its suppliers and products to ensure consumers relish best performing solutions with advanced characteristics at an unrivaled value.

EnGenius’ wide-range portfolio of networking solutions consists of a comprehensive line of unmanaged and managed wireless solutions, IP-based surveillance systems, and Gigabit switches that deliver long-range connectivity, robust feature sets, and versatility for class-leading performance/price value.