Arista Networks has announced the launch of new cognitive networking for the wired and wireless networking edge. Arista that was started by Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim became one of the prominent solution provider for working with its storage data center and cloud infrastructure products. With rising complexity like distributed applications, cloud connectivity, and rise in data traffic within the data center has made enterprises to look out for better networking solutions. Arista is taking the radical approach towards the data center by flattening the layers and shifting the required value of networking from hardware to software. The company has several operational products that can physical assist the networking but has just a single operating system that can make the operation work.

Arista recently acquired the Wi-Fi vendor MoJo networks giving edge campus networking a much-needed boost. The company has entered the broader campus market a few months earlier with the launch of its campus core system, but MoJo pushed its presence to the edge. The new wired and wireless campus edge includes various products with added features including, WiFi 6 Access points (APs) the C-250 Apps that includes standard based features of the new wireless standards including the 8×8 MU-MIMO and OFDMA. The AP includes a 2*2 dual 3rd radio that will provide a telemetry stream set to provide continuous stream for manageability. Wi-Fi troubleshooting remains one of the major requirement for the companies, and Arista applies machines learning to the data to find different insights from the data that would have been possible with manual analytics.

The different level of Campus leaf switches in the Arista campus architecture is the same leaf/ spine designed or to be found in the data center. The 720XP series comes in four fixed configurations models and include features such as Multi-gig access 2.5 GB and 5 GB and up to 60 Watt PoE.  They also offer a more required advantage with uplink speeds including 25,40 and 100 GB.