Intent-based networking and common networking have one essential difference-a network that needs continuous attention and one that solves all your problems even before they arise. It’s a difference between doing thousands of tasks manually that become cumbersome for your IT team and something that automates the systems helping you to focus on the business goals. Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is creating a bridge between the network requirement and providing the resource for the same.

How does the intent-based network work? 

The intent-based network helps the organization to align the network, according to the business needs. An intent-based network delivers the performance of an analytical mind by giving the organizations different insights. This automates various tasks that were earlier conducted manually and provide protection against threats. Take for example your organization uses applications and services that require maintaining certain service quality in terms of access and network security. The intent based network would automatically apply the policies between the users, application, service and all devices. The DNA also follows the regulation model applying the policies across the entire network or only across the specific network.

A fundamental transformation occurring depends on how the networks are built and used. 

1. Hardware-centric and closed models are being replaced by the open, programmable and software-centric platforms. The robust platforms help in integrating the applications, systems, and domains beyond the network.

2. The manual, repetitive command-line-interface management is now being replaced by policy-based automation.

3. Security systems that are driven by the network size are being now being deposed by the network-embedded and context-based security. The security that now reaches from the cloud to the enterprise network edge.

The modern networks have different requirements compared to already set legacy networks. The need for predictive analysis for different contexts to help users coordinate with different devices, applications, and network at all points.

Cisco DNA solutions and Products: 

DNA center: An intuitive based command and control center that acts as a core for an intent-based network. It provides a centralized management dashboard for automating controller decision making.

1. Automation: Simplify the network design, configuration, and provisions using a centralized policy.

2. Analytics: Rich contextual visibility with monitoring the network. Make sure the network performs to an optimal level.

3. Open platform: Open 360 based networking platform that enables data and intelligence exchange. Create a decision-making model that can help companies’ innovation.

DNA Center Assurance Solutions: 

Contextual visibility of a user-to-application experience that supports historical and real-time analysis, providing predictive analysis for the applications, networks, users and devices.

1. Simplified Management: Unique interface to troubleshoot the problem on the network.

2. Network Visibility: Real-time data management from devices, users and applications across the enterprise.

Software-Defined Access Solutions: 

 Easy access to any device or user for different applications, this can be achieved without compromising the security.

1. End-to-end segmentation: Secure different devices, users and applications with different identity-based policy.

2. User Policy Workflow: Manage and design wired and wireless network.

3. Intelligent Network Fabric: Having a consistent user experience with different insights and analytics for user and application behavior.

Software-defined WAN solutions:

Faster digital and cloud transformation using a cloud-delivered overlay with WAN architecture.

1. User Experience: Better user experience with consistent and predictable performance.

2. Better Agility: Fast and easy deployment of WAN network. Better bandwidth management in case of heavy traffic.

3. Advanced Threat Protection: Multilayer security that encrypts all the data for protection, as the data is transferred from WAN edge to the cloud.

DNA Security Solutions:

 Using DNA security solution turns your whole network into a powerful sensor and enforcer. This help in integrating the security of the operations to detect and contain growing threats.

1. Encrypted Traffic Analytics: Enable the network to serve them as an advanced security sensor.

2. Stealthwatch: Rapidly detect threats and contain them.

3. Cisco TrustSec and Cisco Services Engine: Implementing the identity access management throughout the network and control the network to follow all policies and compliance.

Adoption of Digital Network Architecture (DNA):

Adopting the Digital Network Architecture (DNA) requires adopting the intent-based network and the Cisco network equipment. A structured plan should be created when dealing with the adoption of any network infrastructure that would require a network log-out; so as to not affect your current on-going business activities. Cisco is a package of edge WAN equipment’s and software’s so the shift would mean adopting a solution that provides end to end support.

For more information, you can download our whitepapers.